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selalu puas belanja di ochaa..semoga koleksi boots nya semakin banyak ya



By Admin  Article Published 14 December 2012
 Apa yang dimaksud dengan PU?


Buy a bag or other leather goods, often see Product Details introduce the raw material is PU leather, that in the end what is PU leather?

PU is the abbreviation of the English ploy urethane chemistry Chinese name "polyurethane".

(Called polyurethane adding a microfiber PU leather), its toughness, permeability wear resistance will be further strengthened with this PU leather production finished its performance is quite excellent. Abroad, due to the constraints of the Association for the Protection of Animals, people had no choice but to polyurethane synthetic leather, resulting polyurethane synthetic leather has greatly improved in terms of technology and performance, both from the performance or applications, polyurethane synthetic leather have beyond the natural leather.

PU leather: PU resin as raw material to produce artificial leather called PU leather or PU leather.

PU synthetic leather: PU resin and non-woven fabrics as raw materials to produce artificial leather called PU synthetic leather or synthetic leather.

In China, people used leather integration of these three to become synthetic leather.

Artificial leather and synthetic leather in the international has a history of 60 years of development, is widely used in various industries, such as luggage, shoes, clothing, etc.. Since 1958, China started to develop the production of artificial leather, plastics industry in China is the development of the industry earlier, is an important part of the plastics industry. Now, the production of artificial leather and synthetic leather production every year is growing, the variety of colors is also increasing every year, has developed into a fairly strong industry.


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